Place your company’s brand and logo in front of clients and potential customers thousands of times with one powerful marketing piece!


Your company is constantly searching for new ways to advertise and reach out to customers. Gumraps® provide an innovative solution! We have created an inexpensive promotional item to help your company gain maximum exposure to people of all ages. One GumRaps book will get hundreds of views in it's lifetime and that's great longevity for your marketing dollar.


We can create your own customized Gumraps® book with your image and messages!

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GumRaps Restaurant Book

Our GumRaps books are an instant conversation piece. People are always asking what they are used for and almost everyone picks one up and wants to take a look for themselves. That means multiple views of your logo and offers per piece! Our books are printed on very high quality stocks so your logo looks great, your pictures and message are vibrant and your personalized GumRaps book makes you look professional.


Very few promotional items are available in photo quality full color. Your GumRaps book will serve as a miniature billboard and has almost the same panel space as a brochure. Perfect for short messages, offers and logo branding, out books are a powerhouse promo item. And the best part is that people keep them! They end up in purses, pockets and glove boxes. You will truly see value for your marketing dollar when you advertise on a GunRaps book!


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Full Color Promo Items

A New way to advertise


We design custom, full color promos for you

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        Trade shows, grand openings, special events, and front counters;  Your company is always looking for new and innovative ideas when it comes to giveaway items for branding. Our goal is to offer you a useful promotional item that shows off your image and message, that people will actually keep!


GumRaps has developed a high quality print product to get the attention you are looking for and to send a positive message at the same time. Your company not only has a great opportunity to advertise in full color but also to show that it cares about the litter problem in your city.