Place your company’s brand and logo in front of clients and potential customers thousands of times with one powerful marketing piece!


Your company is constantly searching for new ways to advertise and reach out to customers. Gumraps® provide an innovative solution! We have created an inexpensive promotional item to help your company gain maximum exposure to people of all ages. One GumRaps book will get hundreds of views in it's lifetime and that's great longevity for your marketing dollar.


We can create your own customized Gumraps® book with your image and messages!

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GumRaps Event Book

        Most promo items are a prefabricated, low quality staple item that vendors just smack your logo on in one color. some of them get used and some end up in the junk box. Either way the best representation your company got was that generic print of your company logo without your messages or offers. Your promotional items should give you a chance to show what you offer and GumRaps does that with every piece we offer. If you hand out a clever promo that people will use and share, your logo gets multiple exposures. Even better, if you give customers and potential clients a promo that is a conversation piece, your branding gets repeated recognition that is hard to buy.

GumRaps delivers high impact representation for your business and allows you to fully customize the promotional item you are handing out. When was the last time you got a coupon when you opened your free umbrella? And when have you ever seen a company name on a pen and thought to yourself "I've gotta call them...". Reach customers with your message, let them know what you offer and tell them about specials and services. By letting customers know what your business is about every time they see your branding, you are generating interest. Stop wasting your money by handing ice scrapers and drink coozies that look like junk prizes from the state fair. Step into the driver's seat of full color, custom marketing and see what a difference it makes to your brand awareness.

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