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Your company is constantly searching for new ways to advertise and reach out to customers. Gumraps® provide an innovative solution! We have created an inexpensive promotional item to help your company gain maximum exposure to people of all ages. One GumRaps book will get hundreds of views in it's lifetime and that's great longevity for your marketing dollar.


We can create your own customized Gumraps® book with your image and messages!

preventing litter with gumraps is so easy!

check out a fan video of how simple it is...

Our fans love how easy it is to keep sticky gum away from the places it doesn't belong. This fan sent us a great video that shows how GumRaps work. Take a look at the great job they did, and to the fan: Thanks Autumn Cochran, you rock!

Wanna be featured on our website? Make your own GumRaps video and let us see it! Every fan video will be featured on our site and linked to on YouTube!


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