Place your company’s brand and logo in front of clients and potential customers thousands of times with one powerful marketing piece!


Your company is constantly searching for new ways to advertise and reach out to customers. Gumraps® provide an innovative solution! We have created an inexpensive promotional item to help your company gain maximum exposure to people of all ages. One GumRaps book will get hundreds of views in it's lifetime and that's great longevity for your marketing dollar.


We can create your own customized Gumraps® book with your image and messages!


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Full Color Promo Items

A New way to advertise


We design custom, full color promos for you

Win a free

tee shirt !

win an awesome tee shirt - for free !

        That's right, you can win a high quality GumRaps tee to sport around town while you help keep the streets clean. Our tees were professionally designed to look cool and are printed in American. Take a Look Below for two ways to win.

Option #1: Visit us on Facebook and become our friend. Then, take a picture of you, somewhere in your hometown and hold up a sign that says, "We Love Gumraps!" and email it to us at If your picture is selected, we will send you a free Gumraps tee shirt. Remember, try and be as creative as possible. Hurry while supplies last!


Option #2: We are in the beginning stages of recycling chewed gum and are trying to encourage everyone to help us acquire as much already-chewed gum as possible. Here is how it works: First, send a self-addressed envelope with two first class postage stamps to the address listed below to receive your free Gumraps samples. Second, once you receive the samples, read the interesting factoid on the reverse side of the Gumraps sheet then wrap your chewed gum in the sheet. Then place 100 pieces of chewed gum in small plastic recloseable bag. Place the bag inside an envelope and mail it to us. Finally, visit us on Facebook and become our friend. Once we receive the package, we will confirm our friendship on Facebook and send you a free T-shirt ! It's that simple! Hurry, the shirts are going fast!


Also, donations of $50 or more will automatically receive a free tee shirt. Send your gum, donations or fan mail to:


Cochran Consultants, LLC

Attention: Gumraps

P.O. Box 771

Cypress, CA 90630