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Your company is constantly searching for new ways to advertise and reach out to customers. Gumraps® provide an innovative solution! We have created an inexpensive promotional item to help your company gain maximum exposure to people of all ages. One GumRaps book will get hundreds of views in it's lifetime and that's great longevity for your marketing dollar.


We can create your own customized Gumraps® book with your image and messages!


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        GumRaps are a simple way to prevent dirty gum litter. The GumRaps sheets are small, clean sheets of recycled paper used to dispose of your chewed gum. They keep sticky gum from ending up in places you don't want to see it, or worse, don't want to get stuck to it! The sheets are bound in a matchbook style pack printed in full color with your logo, message and advertisement. Gumraps fit easily into a pocket or purse and are handy to have around so your marketing message has a longevity that many promotional items don't offer.


who needs gumraps?

        Who needs Gumraps? In short…every city, in every country around the world.  Just ask the companies who pay thousands of dollars annually for the removal of the black spots in front of their location.


At Gumraps we care about the look of our property and yours.  Join us and do your part to help keep our cities, events and restaurants clean!  We are the first proactive product designed to eliminate those small black circles on the ground, the nasty globs from under the tables and the sticky blobs on the bottom of your shoe! We provide a solution before it becomes a problem.


Some would argue that used chewing gum litter is not that big of a problem.  I challenge you to just look on the ground.  Go to a gas station, restaurant, church, movie theater or anywhere else in your city. You will find black spots all over the ground. Almost every walkway into any businesses will have black gum wads stuck to the ground. Image is very important to any business so why not be proactive and provide Gumraps to your customers?  Providing Gumraps to your clients will not only display that your business cares about its image and landscape but will also be an instant conversation piece advertising your message. So who needs GumRaps?


     • Schools

     • Churches

     • Restaurants, Nightclubs and Bars

     • Medical and Dental Practices

     • Libraries

     • Auditoriums, Sporting Venues andStadiums

     • Theaters

     • Limousines

     • Airline, Train, and Bus Stations

     • The list goes on and on!


what is a gumrap?